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how it started vs. how it's going.

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Once upon a time not long ago, there was a group of young professionals who were growing tired of the typical nightlife scene, for the predictable dinner and a movie routine was becoming a bore and the loud and obnoxious club scene was a recipe for a headache. There had to be a way to enjoy a night out while meeting new people in the process, but the options were slim. Besides attending networking events, which has never been anyone’s idea of fun, there were no events that made meeting new people an easygoing and  entertaining experience. 

It was not until Tiffany Yvonne, a 30-something year old professional, hosted a dinner party experience to celebrate her birthday that created the spark of hope for all who needed something new to do while meeting new people in the process. Instead of having a boring birthday dinner where it’s rare everybody knows everybody except the one being celebrated, she took full advantage of the private room setting and created an interactive experience that was so fun, her friends begged her to regularly host dinner parties in the future. It was then she realized she had created an experience that would be the change she (and many others) wanted to see. By May of 2015, The Dining Clique was founded.

Fast forward to when the world was struck by COVID-19...we had no choice but to pivot to hosting virtual events.   


The good news is that our events did not compromise on living up to our Good Friends and Good Fun promise and we were able to connect people and create the same premier interactive experience filled with nonstop conversations, contagious laughter, and all the good things good vibes bring but pulling off the Good Food portion of our promise was impossible with constant restaurants closures and strict social distancing rules. After a while, hosting The Dining Clique events without paying homage to food just didn’t feel right.

We thought long and hard and realized that although we host a range of events, they all have a common purpose: to gather or “get together” and connect with others. Since we accomplish this goal and more at our events, it was only right that we coin an umbrella term that captures the essence of all our events...

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Our Beginnig
Why We Clique

why we clique

We live in a world where technology enables us to connect with merely anything and anyone in seconds. Yet, statistics show that we feel lonelier and more disconnected from others than ever because our modern way of bonding creates a false sense of connection to the outside world.


Texting provides a microwave approach to communicating that offers convenience that allows us to multitask, save time, and avoid unnecessary conversations. Yet, more and more relationships are strained because we are losing our way with words to say to each other. 


No amount of likes, friend requests, comments, DM’s, or texts equates to the authentic experience of being present in the moment in the company of actual people that are in the same room with you, which is why our passion for building a true sense of community is evident in each experience. 


We are intentional about creating a welcoming atmosphere that incorporates Good Friends, Good Fellowship, and Good Fun.


We are meticulous about curating an experience that serves as a constant reminder of how more refreshing and rewarding it is to connect and socialize with others, thus making authentic and meaningful human interaction cool again. 


We are passionate about inspiring all who attend to fully engage in creating a night filled with memories with those you love and the perfect strangers who become instant friends. 


We are aware that now, more than ever, mental health breaks are essential. Healing hearts and soothing souls with laughter and open dialogue that brings us all closer, we will continue to save the day for all mankind one Clique Together at a time.

how we clique

How We Clique

good friends


good friends

The true focal point of our events is our friends who attend because the beautiful mixture of personalities makes each experience unforgettable. Our friends share the same passion for connectedness and engaging in meaningful interactions.

Whether it is the first Clique Together or tenth, be it in-person or virtual, we believe we are all friends, old and new. Our friends respect this tradition and make it a priority for those who come alone, as a couple, or with a group to feel like they belong. We make our friendships official with our infamous Clique Pic.


good fellowship

Imagine a live game show or talk show experience where every audience member has the chance to get the mic and be a contestant.

Typical events are structured for attendees to be spectators who “sit and get” or passively participate, but at our Clique Togethers, EVERYONE contributes to making lasting memories of the good times had!

Dining Clique 2.16.19-101.jpg

good fun

Each Clique Together intentionally focuses on a specific theme that drives the content of our itinerary. We even have fun with suggesting a specific attire from time to time.

Our hosts are engagement experts who facilitate interactive activities and lively discussions that make nonstop conversation mixed with contagious debate, banter, and laughter inevitable.


Whether we are hosting one of our curated Clique Togethers or have the pleasure of customizing a bespoke celebration for a client or corporate event, our welcoming and engaging atmosphere inspire all who attend to be key contributors in making lasting memories while having the kind of sophisticated fun that is second to none!

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