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Tiffany, born and raised on the east side of Detroit until she became a resident of Southfield, Michigan always excelled socially and academically, especially in her studies in English. It made perfect sense to set her sights on attending Michigan State University after graduating from Southfield-Lathrup High School in 2000. It was there she served on the choreography committee for Spartan Soul, a dance team committed to providing a diverse representation of culture on and off-campus. Later she became a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc where she also served as membership chair. After obtaining a B.A. in English in 2004 and a secondary teaching certificate in 2005, she began her career as an educator while later earning a Master of Education for School Administration from Cambridge College in 2007. Aside from having strong writing skills, she was always intentional about making an impact on her relationships, which caused her to develop a passion for seeing potential in others and inspiring them to realize it for themselves, as well as making connections within her network to help others excel. 


For over fifteen years, she has been known for her enthusiastic approach to teaching, coaching, and inspiring students and teachers to aim high, develop problem-solving skills to overcome obstacles, and give their best effort to achieve their goals while helping their fellow classmates or colleagues do the same. Her strategy for inspiration was the same whether it was an English lesson for students or professional development training for staff; she consistently delivered content that was equally relevant, engaging, and fun, which motivated everyone to learn and apply these lessons to their lives both in and outside of the school setting.

Her profession revealed her inner passion to engage in more meaningful connections, which led her to found The Dining Clique and Clique Together. After honing in on her craft for several years, she has become an expert in social entertainment. She finds joy in being the "source" of other people's enjoyment and considers it a blessing to do the work she loves. 


When Tiffany is not working on her business, she is likely making reservations to wine, dine, and have a good time. She also enjoys listening to audiobooks, traveling whenever time permits and spending time with family and friends. Quality time with her husband, Ramón, is her absolute favorite pastime, for laughter is always a common denominator.

Being a masterpiece and work in progress means there are no dull moments, and Tiffany is learning to slow down and appreciate being present in the moment as well as enjoying the journey of self-love every step of the way. 

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